For your benefit I perform information technology services. These services are most beneficial for clients that are seeking an increase in added value from their services by utilizing information technology. Below you can see the services I can perform for you.

Electronic paper/E Ink application development

By leveraging your existing information systems and utilizing a combination of Visionect tablets[1]. We will make information access and documentation handling more accessible. Also available for industrial environment.

Visionect V Tablet devices are robust and resistant to water and dust (standard IP-67 compliant). Therefore they are a great fit for industrial environments. By utilizing electronic ink technology they also offer excellent autonomy and fantastic visibility in strong lighting conditions where LCD displays simply fail.

Custom software development

I can develop software in accordance with your specification.

If your project is still in the idea phase, we will explore and document the initial state, your requirements, needs and desired goals together.  

Based on the requirements analysis I will create a project plan draft and a breakdown of required resources.  Thus supplying you with relevant information about project complexity and cost.

I am a fluent full and multi stack developer. I will build solutions for Windows environments or various Unix class environments (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, OSX,...). For you I build web, desktop and mobile applications.

This is a list of my preferred technologies:
  •     Django, Python, Tornado and MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLAlchemy,
  •     Visionect Vtablet eInk platform,
  •     CouchDB/JavaScript,
  •     Drupal/PHP and PostgreSQL,
  •     HTML/jQuery,
  •     IBM Lotus Domino (LotusScript, Java, @formula, XPages,...),
  •     Splunk.
A list of my domain specific know-how:
  •     Document and Record Management Systems (MOREQ2, EMDS, ERMS),
  •     Auditing systems (for PCI compliance, MOREQ2),
  •     Collaborative systems (Wikis, web portals, email),
  •     Web Services (AJAX, SOA, XMLRPC,...),
  •     REST architecture.

Document management systems

I have had the opportunity to work on developing and deploying some of the most advanced document management systems in the world. I have a great breadth and depth of knowledge from the field of electronic document/record management systems (EDMS/ERMS), I have excellent knowledge of relevant standards and regulations (MOREQ, MOREQ2, ZVOP, ZVDAGA, ETZ Arhiv Slovenije).

System Integrations

Most of the organizations have been using information technology for quite some time. They rely on these information systems to control specific business processes. These information systems have been growing their data sets exponentially over time.

There are great opportunities in connecting these systems together and making data from these different systems available in a unified manner. This newly acquired information can be used for analysis and revealing thus far unknown facts about your enterprise.