Adthena is the only competitive intelligence tool that analyses your whole market with no keyword limits and no competitor limits. Dynamically monitoring your complete market landscape enables gap analysis with your main competitors and accurate Share of Voice trend reporting.

My role

I was brought on project to help with development of front end of the Adthena web application.

During my engagement on Adthena project I have, besides implementing a plethora of features, introduced a number of improvements to the architecture of the web application. Thus increasing stability, performance and development velocity for the front end application.

When I started my work on the project, front end was basically an extended prototype built using Backbone.js and jQuery. During the following six months I have introduced Marionette.js and abstracted away and DRY-ed up a lot of the often used functionalities of the application. I have also done away with the callbacks in the application and replaced them with a combination of jQuery Deferred functions and an event infrastructure for passing information between various application components.

Another important bit of infrastructure work is implementation of a GNU Gettext protocol for managing translations of text between different languages - this will save a lot of time and money that would otherwise be spent on supporting multiple languages.

Technologies used

On this project I used: Bootstrap, Grunt, SCSS, Handlebars.js, Backbone.js, Marionette.js, d3.js, Highcharts, jQuery, and sinon.js

For localization stack I used: jsxgettext, po2json and jed.js, which allows Adthena to use standard GNU Gettext toolchain for managing translations.


I found Janez a very able engineer, easy to work with and very communicative about implementation decisions.
-Shaun Russel, Adthena Product Manager