Visionect Geoffrey


Geoffrey is an innovative electronic menu and ordering system. Running on a proprietary EInk tablet developed by Visionect d.o.o.

It features a wholesome support for the restaurant/bar work flow life cycle. Browse the menu, add you selection to the cart and submit your order. Read news, check local events, see local weather forecast, review and request your bill. Everything is just a touch away.

Geoffrey's core features are tablet UI, business analytics module, integration with POS systems and a powerful WYSIWYG administration interface.

My role

I was the Senior Developer for the application part on this project. I either implemented or supervised implementation of all the functionalities of the system.

Technologies used

Front end is a JavaScript/AJAX application built using Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, SAAS and HAMLCoffee.

Back end services are Django/Python applications that are accessed exclusively using the REST API built with Tastypie.

POS system integrations are handled either via Geoffrey web services API or via proprietary middleware applications that bridge the POS system API and Geoffrey web services API.

Application dependencies and configurations are handled using Buildout, deployment and version management is handled with Fabric scripts.