Wemar Nautipad


Wemar Nautipad is an innovative marine instrument and marine bus proxy server. Running on a proprietary EInk tablet developed by Visionect d.o.o.

UI component can be used to display information from existing instruments or to control them. It enables control of  the autopilot using the tablet interface.

The server component has support for NMEA and SEATALK protocols and can be used to either control the existing instrumentation using the Nautipad interface or it can be also used to proxy commands between NMEA and SEATALK devices.

My role

I was the sole implementor and architect of the application for the first version of this product.

Technologies used

Front end is a JavaScript/AJAX application built using Backbone.js framework.

Back end service is a collection of REST web services, comprised of a multithreaded Python application and a Tornado web server. For persistence SQLite database is used.